Welcome to the world of NH Global Finance's first financial product, our professional NH GLOBAL AI FOREX TRADING STRATEGY!


We are confident that our NH GLOBAL AI FOREX TRADING strategy is the best investment solution for anyone looking to achieve consistent profits in the Forex market. Our strategy would not guarantee any monthly percentages or returns, but it can assure you that you can take advantage of automated trading that yields good profits for our customers if you are looking for a long-term wealth building solution.


PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) account is an investment solution where an experienced trader or Artificial Intelligence(AI) manages a portfolio of funds on behalf of multiple investors. In our case, NH Global Finance has developed dedicated AI that helps our customers take advantage of automated trading. We call it NH GLOBAL AI FOREX STRATEGY. The profits or losses are then distributed proportionally based on the percentage of the capital each investor has invested. This means that investors can benefit from the expertise of professional traders and AI without needing to trade themselves actively. This software means investors can be part of a set of sub-accounts which are traded together by a money manager or trader who has permission from clients to trade with their account.


100% AUTOMATED TRADING - Our PAMM strategy uses advanced automated trading algorithms that allow us to take advantage of market opportunities 24/5. This means that our client's investments always work for them, even when they are not actively monitoring the market. AI trades for you even while you sleep.

TRANSPARENCY - We believe in transparency and provide regular updates to our clients about the performance of their investments. You have access to your own portal that updates for you every hour! Our partners have access to real-time account statements, trade history, and other important metrics 24/7.

TRUSTED BROKERAGE - You will be able to hold your funds directly with our chosen, trusted broker that we partnered with - FP MARKETS. They have been in business since 2005! This will give you the ability to have direct control of your money, with your deposits and withdrawals available for you 24/7 and incredible customer support as well as private access to our account Personal Assistants if needed!

LOWER LEVEL OF RISK - Although the risk is always a factor in every strategy you get involved in, our AI has been designed to minimize the risk of loss in our PAMM accounts. Our goal is to create a long-term consistent strategy without stressing out each hour about your portfolio of investments.

TESTED AND PROVEN AI - Our team consists of experienced traders and AI with a proven track record of generating consistent profits in Forex market. We have a strategy with experience, track record and a deep understanding of the market dynamics to help our clients achieve their investment goals. Although we cannot make any promises or guarantee on any profit or return, we can show the best possible history and facts, so everyone can decide how to manage their own money and create more wealth.

Enjoy all the benefits
that has been created
for you...

Real-Time Statistics

You will be able to see how your money is doing with your portal being refreshed every 60 minutes

See all your open and closed trades, see and export reports for your chosen trading periods

Ability to see and access your balance 24/7 through your personal portal

Quick (no fee) Deposits and Withdrawals for your Trading Activities

Many options to fund your forex wallet including credit/debit cards, Bank transfers, Crypto, Skrill, Neteller and others. NO FEES ON DEPOSITS.

Easily withdraw your funds from the PAMM account and from your wallet. Withdrawals usually takes between 24-72 hours, depends on the method of withdrawal. NO FEES ON WITHDRAWALS.

Transparent Trading History with ROI

Average last 12 month ROI with NH GLOBAL AI is over 7,5% per month(see the graph below)

Check the latest, real time data on how AI is doing on MYFXBOOK

The global foreign exchange market was valued at US$ 753.2 Billion in 2022

Transparent Trading History

Why is our Forex broker partner - FP MARKETS - one of the most trusted Industry Leaders since 2005?

Globally Regulated

40+ International Awards

Established 2005, over 15 Years Trading Experience

24/5 Multilingual Customer Support

Segregated Client Funds

Become a Part of the NH GLOBAL AI Partner Program

Our first goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied with our service. If we are able to achieve this, we also understand that our customers would gladly share a good word with their like minded circle of people. We have developed unique referral partner program that simply rewards referrals for sharing a good word with others. Very important to understand is that any rewards to the partners are not coming from the members investments, they are simply coming from the fees that are being charged on the profits of members ROI and are part of the AI service that is being offered to members.


Our AI PAMM strategy uses FP Markets as our partner broker and there are specific countries that cannot participate in PAMM. Ineligible countries are USA, Belgium, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, North Korea, Syria and New Zealand. If you are living in any of these countries, unfortunately, we cannot provide service to you.

Once you create your account here on this website and login to your dashboard you will find unique link, that will take you to the step by step process to create your broker account. Once your account is created and verified through KYC(Know Your Customer) you are good to go to the next step.

Once your account has been verified, you can fund your own LIVE trading account wallet. Our dashboard steps are going to lead you with these steps as well as give you an option to connect your wallet to our AI service.

In order for use AI service, there is a one-time 500 EUR fee being charged. This fee is being paid just once, at the moment when you connect to our AI service. With that fee you will get lifetime access to use the service.

Due to the nature of our AI trading and to provide the best possible outcome for such service, our minimum requirement to connect your wallet account to our AI service is 5.000 EUR. This means if your wallet account at the time when you want to connect it with our AI service have below 5.000 EUR, you will not be able to connect it. Remember this is a wealth building strategy and for making money on your money, you have to have money.

While your only cost to get started is a ONE-TIME 500 EUR fee(your initial wallet deposit is not the cost as obviously you are in posses of this entire money and can access it anytime) the only other fee to use AI service is the monthly Performance Fee of 25%. This simply means that each month the profits are made, 25% from the total amount of profit on your account is being charged to use the AI service, while the 75% of the profit remains with you. For example, if you end up the calendar month period with 500 EUR in profit, 125 EUR(25%) will be deducted as a Performance Fee while 375 EUR(75%) will be your net profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing AI service. It means we are not taking your money at all. For having your funds connected to our service, we have partnered with FP Markets Broker Service. Once you create account with them and they approve you, you can deposit funds with them. They deposit your funds to a specially dedicated bank account based in Australia where they are licensed and regulated to make sure that your money in the best possible location.

Obviously we WON'T and CAN'T make any guarantees and promises. All what we can do is to be 100% transparent and show you real-time statistics and performance. The same as our service performs profits can also perform losses. We want everyone to get all the facts and evaluate their level of risk. There is no guarantee on your principle as well as there is no guarantee on AI service when it comes to trading with profits OR losses.

NO, you cannot. Before you connect your broker account to our service, you will need to have enough funds on your broker wallet. One-time fee of 500 EUR as well as your minimum requirement of 5.000 EUR. Total minimum you need to connect your account to our AI service is 5.500 EUR. Also, if you are already using the service and your account balance goes below 5000 EUR, your trading will be paused until the balance gets over 5000 EUR again. This could possibly happen if you would withdraw funds and the account balance after that would be lower than minimum requested - 5000 EUR.

It means we are performing trading on one master account. Under this account there are multiple sub-accounts that connects their funds to our master account in order for our AI service to perform trading. If you want to deposit more funds or withdraw funds from our master account to your sub-account, you can do so anytime by simply requesting the withdraw or make the deposit.

NO, Performance Fee means that it is being charged when the service performs positively. In case there is no profit being made in a specific period also there is no performance fee. Furthermore, if there would be a loss in a specific period, the loss would need to be covered from our side first in full in the next period before any further Performance Fee can be charged.

You have 100%, 24/7 control over your funds on your account. As mentioned more in details on this page already, NH GLOBAL AI is a service that works with the funds that are in your possesion. That also means you can request to withdraw these funds anytime you want.